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The evolution of bicycles towards a more practical day-to-day on two wheels

In less than a minute the Pliage bike folds and fits into the routine.

In favor of alternative transport, one for every three inhabitants in Brazil owns a bike.

With that, the evolution of this product is inevitable and the biggest growth trend is focused on folding bikes.

That's because approximately half of the people who ride a bicycle today use it as a means of transportation. So practicality, comfort and safety come together with the folding models.

?This bike has practicality as a differential. It is a light and small bike. It is very easy to store, due to the small space it occupies, and can fit in the trunk of a small car or in some corner inside the house. To fold it is very fast and can be done by anyone?, explains Eduardo Félix, director of Two Dogs, the company responsible for bringing Pliage to Brazil and already renowned in the market for electric vehicles ? bike, skateboard and scooter.

Partner Tairone Passos points out, “since it is foldable, it cannot be used under extreme impact, so, when bringing the foldable bike to the country, we focused mainly on mobility and practicality, lack of space is a very important factor in today's urban scenario. In addition, we can emphasize security, as it is possible to take the bike indoors or into the office without worrying about leaving it stuck in the street, at the risk of someone stealing your bike. Is this a problem that many who invest in their equipment run into by leaving their bikes chained unsecured on the street?.


Pricing is another very competitive factor for Pliage. It costs from 200% to 60% less than its direct competitors in the Brazilian market. It is the cheapest in the category and without losing anything in quality, on the contrary bringing innovation on board.

  • ?The Two Dogs folding bike has a high-strength carbon steel frame and disc brakes. The shift system is from Shimano and the rims are made of sheet aluminum offering resistance and useful life. Other various components such as locks, seat post, among others are made of aluminum?, highlights Eduardo.
  • ?It is very pleasant to ride, because with its seven gears it has an extraordinary performance. It is completely adjustable and can be used by a short person or a tall person without the slightest problem?, concludes Tairone.

Source: bicycle magazine

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