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Electric bicycle and cycle tourism: understand the reasons for joining this merger

Are you on top of what cycling is? Is about Electric Bicycle, you understand? With each passing day, the concept of sustainability and respect for the environment is growing. Part of this is the need to improve the quality of life in society.

In this context, the cycle tourism has gained many fans. In addition to being a sport, it is also a great leisure option. Thus, it is possible to save financially, take care of health and the environment at the same time. And if you're not in shape, or want extra strength on the way, the electric bike can help you with that!

The concept of cycle tourism and its benefits

In practice, cycle tourism is the journey made with a bicycle.

For this type of tourism, it is necessary to carry little luggage, so that you do not have extra weight when making long journeys. It is worth remembering that in this modality the cyclists are not 100% focused on practicing sports, but on venturing out, having fun and enjoying every moment.

The experience of a bike trip goes beyond, it allows you to experience new cultures, find out about local stories and meet people. This expands the contact network and brings more and more practitioners of this type of tourism.

For the most part, cycle tourism practitioners already have a special passion for bicycles and accumulate the need to travel and explore, more and more, new places.

What are the benefits of an electric bike?

The electric bicycle is a great option for those who want to maintain their quality of life, with little effort. It is worth mentioning, to be considered an electric bicycle, the electric kit must be equipped with an assisted pedal, which drives the motor from pedaling. Assisting on climbs and along the path.

We've selected some points for you, who still don't know the benefits of the electric bike, to want the advantages it provides once and for all. Follow with us:

– The electric bike’s motor is activated when pedaling, helping with difficult climbs or terrain. Thus, you have a greater ease in riding for long distances without great fatigue, compared to traditional bicycles;

– Some electric bikes have, in addition to the assisted pedal, also manual acceleration. That is, even if you are tired of pedaling, you can vary between pedaling or accelerating. In addition, it is possible to walk faster, which makes long journeys more attractive;

– Even with an engine, you will still be playing a sport. The electric bicycle helps sedentary people to exercise, improving their quality of life. But even people who already have a good physical shape, can do good exercises with the electric bike.

The electric bicycle provides comfort, contributes to the environment and guarantees your freedom. After all, there's nothing better than combining these benefits with an incredible trip, right?

Do you want more reasons to unite the electric bicycle with cycle tourism?

So let's go! Getting out of the routine can be a great option on this list. Since playing sports, breathing fresh air and being part of a different adventure can contribute to your well-being.

Many people are still afraid of not being able to travel with only a bicycle as a means of transport. Either because of being out of shape or because of insecurity in the adversities encountered in this type of experience. And in this context, the electric bicycle can be the ideal solution.

Practitioners of cycle tourism do not seek to break records. What they are looking for is recreation and new stories to tell.

Are you still afraid? So here are some reasons for you to join cycling tourism

– Know your bike so you don't have future problems. Know how it works and know how to fix it if you need it. Only then will you avoid some setbacks;

– Take only the essentials! I don't want to fill your backpack with stuff you're not going to use. Some essential products for your trip are: Your electric bike (of course), your backpack, at least two changes of clothes, water to hydrate yourself and some snacks that can replenish your energy;

– Go after information about cycle tourism! Getting to know experiences and itineraries can be motivating to discover new places by pedaling.

– Currently, there are already several routes for cycle tourism? Browse the internet to plan your trip and be delighted with the various route options available.

Did you like these tips from Two Dogs? How about inviting friends to embark on this with you? We are sure that it will be a great experience, especially in good company!


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