Ame is a digital wallet from B2W (, Submarino and Shoptime), considered a pioneer fintech in digital payments. Through this payment tool, customers can make purchases both in stores in virtual stores as well as in physical stores. That way, they can recharge their cell phone, buy game credits, fill up their car and even sell with a QR Code, all via cell phone. In addition, paying with Ame at partner stores, the customer receives a portion of the purchase price back. 

Interested? Well, read on and get to know the benefits of this method of payment for both entrepreneurs and customers. Sit back in your chair and enjoy reading!

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How does Ame work?

The first step to having a digital AME account is to install the app that is available for IOS and Android systems. Then, just fill in the registration and wait for confirmation. The entire process without any bureaucracy.

Then, to make purchases, you must register a credit card or have available balance. For companies that want to sell with Ame, the tool allows you to sell using only your cell phone and paying a fee of 2.49%. In addition, there is no membership fee or monthly fee. See more details below.

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AME benefits for entrepreneurs

As we've already explained, this digital payment method can be made in any type of store, whether physical or online, and you can even offer more possibilities to your customers.

  • QRcode: can be printed or simply read through the mobile screen. All without physical contact, which is extremely important these days.
  • little machine: the same one you already have in your store. Just enable QRcode AME and start using. A process is super easy to carry out.
  • payment link: is to generate the link and send it to the customer by email, social networks or in the way you prefer. 
  • e-commerce: by integrating AME into your online payment system.

Interested? But we're sure your customers will like it even more. Look at the next topic.

AME benefits for consumers

Cashback, without a doubt, is the advantage that attracts consumers the most. After all, there is nothing better than buying and still receiving a percentage of the money back to take advantage of other opportunities. But does not stop there:

  • The digital 100% account is free and without fees.
  • Safer, as you don't need to enter your credit card details when shopping online.
  • The customer receives their money back within 30 days, with no limit on the amount per month.
  • It is possible to register more than one card with different titles.
  • Allows purchases up to 12 installments without interest or cash payments using the balance available in the APP.
  • User can receive or transfer credits to other AME accounts.

what is good can improve

AME arrived at Two Dogs and you can already enjoy the benefits of this partnership this Valentine's Day. When purchasing any product, you are guaranteed 5% of cashback to benefit from future purchases. A must see, isn't it? Then go to our catalog and choose the ideal gift for your love.

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Got any questions? Click here to learn more about AME, download the APP and enjoy!

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