World Car Free Day – Reflection on the overuse of the automobile

World Car Free Day was created in France in 1997 and celebrated in September 22 in several cities.

The main foundation of this date is that people can experience, at least one day a year, some alternative forms of mobility.

This also helps in defending the environment and the quality of life in cities.

When talking about World Car Free Day, one of the most common options, are the bicycles.

Easier and more accessible for a greater number of people, bikes are really a great attraction for an alternative means of getting around cities.

However, another wave that has been arriving with force is thes electric scooters. A great option for those looking for a different means of transport.

The vehicle is battery powered and, with that, does not pollute the environment. With its full load, scooter riders can ride for up to two hours. The average speed of up to 40 km/h.

the convenience it is also part of electric scooters, as the driver can choose to drive sitting or standing.

In terms of practicality, electric scooters can be folded. They can also be taken inside an elevator from their work.

On the next World Car Free Day, select an alternative way of getting around. The company Two Dogs has some models of electric scooters and other various alternative means of transport for you not only on that date, but also on other days of your routine, can save money and help the environment and your city by allowing decrease the amount of cars on the streets.

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