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The ideal food for summer 2018 – Blog da Two Dogs

Sun, sea, beach and a lot of heat. Perfect combination that forms the summer!


The hottest season of the year is coming and with it, care with food must be reinforced.

Two Dogs chatted with Bachelor of Nutrition, Gabriela Gomes do Nascimento, and with the tips given by her, we put together a very cool article to keep you in touch with your food and body this summer.


Improve your nutrition:

Two Dogs: On very hot days, what are the lightest foods to consume?

Gabriela: On hot days, consume iced teas, such as green tea.

Invest in water flavored with orange and/or lemon inside. Use and abuse the "marmitinha" with cut watermelon inside as it is highly refreshing and provides several micronutrients.



Two Dogs: This summer, people invest in ”Food-Novelty”. Is there something that is being consumed in a healthy and correct way?

Gabriela: There are always fancy carnival projects, ”Projeto Panicat”, ”Projeto Monstrão”, but the nutrients are not distributed correctly.

Diet is in vogue today Low Carbbut correct and thorough follow-up by an experienced nutritionist in the area is necessary, but this is hardly what happens.


Two Dogs: We did a story on Crossfit in previous weeks.

How to reconcile these exercises with food, without losing body hydration?

Gabriela: A good diet offers the body what it needs to perform at its best in the exercise.

Exercise improves the body's ability to utilize nutrients. It is important that you are doing both correctly.

These diets are aimed at increasing muscle mass and losing fat.

Adequate amounts of protein and carbohydrate must be ingested in order to gain muscle mass, as it is used as an energy source.

Have you seen how taking care of food can be part of your routine this season? All we can do is take advantage of the heat and fall into this wave!

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