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Alerta de tendência: Manobra de bike

How about content with a trend alert?

The fashion now is to take care of health. Due to drastic changes in the routine and habits of thousands of people. And of course, with so much change, new trends arise, even when it comes to physical activity.

No wonder, with so many uncertainties and restrictions, the way was to innovate, seeking individual physical activities and sport away from the gyms. According to a Google survey carried out in 2020, which combined searches on the platform with searches on youtube, there were twice as many searches for exercise practices at home. It also showed an increase of 200% in searches for cycling and related subjects. Other sports like Skate and Surf also showed significant growth in search engines. Proving a worldwide trend.

Ranking in Searches

Alerta de tendência: exercitar

In this paragraph we will talk about the most sought after sports between 2019 and 2020: Cycling, Skateboarding, surfing, yoga, handball and squash. Motivated by a healthier life, getting out of the routine or even keeping in shape, internet users started to consume sports products. Consequently, taking care of health became a trend.

TWO DOGS is trending

Tendência Skate Elétrico Off-Road

If you still don't know the Two Dogs, Need to know. In the market for over 14 years, the brand is committed to mobility and fun all year round. And of course, the most awaited season of the year, summer, is no different.

If research indicates greater demand for cycling, skateboarding and surfing, Two Dogs is always in fashion and brings products for all tastes.

Electric and traditional bicycles or electric scooters make the head of those who, in addition to practicing outdoor activities, also bet on sustainability and clean energy generation.

For the more radical, skateboards, surf simulators and longboards are a great option to exercise the body and mind. Stimulating aerobic movements and the release of endorphins, providing well-being.

This summer 2022, the brand has several promotions in its line of clothing and acessories. In this way, you can stay fashionable, stylish and still take care of your health with Two Dogs.

Best products for summer fun

To summarize and take advantage of the fact that we are talking about trends and Two Dogs, nothing better than indicating 4 fun products for you to enjoy, alone or in good company:

Tendência TD-Monster

TD-Monster: Two Dogs' favorite scooter is wonderful for off-road activities. It guarantees adrenaline and lots of fun.

The suggestion is to enjoy that awesome trail, waterfalls and different terrains, accelerate and enjoy the wind hitting your face. In this way the environment appreciates this ride that proposes clean and silent fun is good for everyone!

Bike Pliage Alloy

Pliage Alloy: If you are the type who prefers to enjoy a beach and the light sea breeze. Nothing better than a pedal with Pliage Alloy. A folding bike that fits anywhere, with a rust-free aluminum frame. In this way, you only use your time to enjoy the best of the summer.

Mini Droid

Electric Scooter Mini Droid: If it's fun for the whole family that you need, Two Dogs electric scooters are a good choice. A stroll along the beach at the end of the day, or even that walk in the park, are even better. You enjoy the landscape without getting tired, without sweating and without effort. And the best, the mini DROID scooter is foldable, light and super practical.

Simulador de surf Two Dogs

Last but not least. THE Simulator Surfing: Did you feel like surfing, but the holidays are over? No problem, live the experience of surfing on the asphalt. With the Two Dogs Surf Simulator you keep your physical shape and take the opportunity to train amazing maneuvers. 

With these tips, your summer can be even better, right?

Enjoy and tell our team what you think of this content, and of course, follow Two Dogs on social media and stay on top of everything that goes on in our universe!

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