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According to the Brazilian Association of Public Cleaning and Special Waste Companies (Abrelpe), of the 64 million tons of waste generated per year in Brazil, 24 million go to inappropriate destinations. In this list we will teach you simple ways to produce less waste in your home.

1- Transform your rubbish from the sink into compost for house plants.

Composting is a process where organic matter is transformed from the garbage itself into compost. The mechanics are very simple and you can buy a composter for just over a hundred reais online.

And you don't have to worry about space. There are already compost bins that are suitable for places with limited space, so there is no excuse to have your own compost.


2 – Walk around with reusable cups, bottles and mugs.
In addition to being beautiful and practical, the reusable ones are a great way for you to serve yourself as often as you like without burdening the environment by using several small plastic cups.
3 – Refuse the packages when buying.

Make it a habit to refuse packaging. You don't need a bag from every store or a package for every item you bought, save. Also when you can, take an ecobag to do your shopping, further reducing the consumption of plastic.

4 – Buy used clothes and make donations.

Conscious consumption goes beyond packaging consumption. Although that piece you no longer use doesn't usually go to waste, it is kept in the back of the closet until you forget about it and end up buying another piece, accumulating more and more needlessly.

Thrift stores are a great alternative for those who want to buy pieces and want to reduce their consumption. So, in addition to buying, when you can, a used clothes, donate your parts that are left at home.

5 – Reuse
produzir menos lixo

Try to reuse as much packaging as you can. They are super practical, you can make a pot for your plants or organize that office drawer 🙂

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