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5 tips to get you started selling bikes online

5 tips to get you started selling bikes online

Influenced by the pandemic, demand for health care items increased by 39% in this period. The index includes products for sports, such as bicycles, for example, which recorded a 54% search greater than in previous years.

Purchases made over the internet also had a significant increase and now, consumers are increasingly confident to purchase products via e-commerce. According to a study carried out by the Brazilian Society of Retail and Consumption (SBVC), 70% of consumers intend to continue shopping online.

And what does this mean? That this is a good time for you who have been waiting for an opportunity to undertake. Based on these data, it is possible to identify a market need for healthier lifestyle habits and digital consumption.

Caprice in e-commerce

For those who intend to invest, we have selected some tips that will help you achieve good results with your internet sales.

Resposta rápida

1) Business plan: before starting any entrepreneurship project, you will need a well-structured plan that should contain information such as the investment that will be made, target audience, competitors, suppliers, partners, etc.

2) Website with excellent navigation: this point is fundamental for anyone who intends to sell bicycles or any other product on the internet. The navigability of your page has a great influence on the user's experience with your brand and if it is not good, it can end in cart abandonment.

3) Digital Marketing: for those who have an e-commerce, it is indispensable. After all, for you to be successful in bicycle sales over the internet, your brand needs to be recognized. For this, there are several strategies, so the recommendation is to seek help from an expert in this area.

4) Quality images and videos: it is essential to convey all the quality and reliability of the products you have to offer. In addition, it is also a way to demonstrate the professionalism of your store.

5) Security: many users fail to finalize their purchase because they do not feel safe on a particular page, so make sure your website is secure and guarantees the protection of consumer data.

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