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5 tips to improve the range of your electric bike

Having an electric bike is all good, right? Come with us and check out how to improve the autonomy of your electric bike!

1. Don't carry too much weight on your bike!

The more weight you put on your bike, the more force the engine will exert when you accelerate, causing your range to decrease. Try not to put too much weight on your bike to extend its range.


2. Look for pedal assist electric bikes

THE Plyage, for example, has the assisted pedal system, which causes the engine to be activated with each pedal stroke. And it's immediate: he pedaled, the electric motor kicks in; stopped pedaling or applied the brake, the engine is switched off.

3. Pay attention to tire calibration.

For more regular terrain, the best thing is to leave the tires with a higher pressure, this makes pedaling lighter and you don't activate the engine so much, extending the autonomy of your electric bike.

TIP: Calibrating your tires is very important. If your route has uneven terrain, it is best to leave your tire pressure at the lowest pressure, so it becomes more malleable and easier to walk on these terrains.

5 dicas para melhorar a autonomia da bicicleta elétrica

4. Preventive maintenance

Always try to keep your bike up to date! It ensures that your bike is always in top condition and has no problems, especially with the battery.

5. Ride!

As obvious as it is, avoid using the accelerator when you don't need it. Pedal as hard as you can and use the accelerator when necessary.

Did you like the 5 tips to improve the autonomy of the electric bike? Leave your tips in the comments.

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