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3 Bike tours in Curitiba

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It is common knowledge that the bicycle is gaining more and more space in large urban centers, whether for transportation, leisure or sport. When it comes to leisure, walking around the city is a good option to discover new places, or even discover new things in places you already know.

Curitiba's parks are perfect for a stroll bike, have good bike paths, beautiful landscapes, some capybaras, cane juice stalls, among other attractions. Some are easily accessible and others require a little more physical resistance, as they are located in neighborhoods with many climbs.

Discover now 3 bike tours in Curitiba that you can enjoy for free:

1 – Barigui Park

Passeios de bicicleta no Parque Barigui

The park has an infrastructure with various equipment and approximately 5km of bike path around the lake, in addition to other attractions. When traveling along the bike path around the park, it is possible to find animals such as: white egret, caracara hawk, cormorant, tapicuru, spoonbill, lapwing, tico-tico, cavy, hedgehog, possum and of course, the stars of the park, the capybaras.

The park has easy access, with entrances through BR277 and Avenida Cândido Hartmann.

2 – São Lourenço Park

Passeios de bicicleta no Parque São Lourenço

In São Lourenço, in addition to the walking track and the bike path, the park also has soccer and volleyball courts and a track for racing roller carts. Children's toys are inclusive and can be safely used by children with or without disabilities.

The cycle path that surrounds the lake serves as a connection for those who make the journey between Parque da Barreirinha, to the north, and Bosque João Paulo II, in the center of the city.

3 – Public Promenade

Passeios de bicicleta no Passeio Público

Passeio Público is the oldest park in Curitiba. It is a pleasant place that is right in the center with some attractions such as centenary trees, serpentarium, some animals, as the place was the first zoo in the city and is also an excellent place for cycling.

The park has a lot of history, which can make the bike ride even more interesting. On the Promenade, the bike path goes around the entire length of the park. From this point you can enjoy several other paths through the civic center that have a bike path and connect other parks, such as São Lourenço.

Now that you have seen some of the bike tours in Curitiba, access the store gives Two Dogs and choose the model that best fits your needs, whether for a walk, work or daily commute.

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