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10 things you should know before skydiving

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You'll say: at least once in your life you've thought that skydiving must be the greatest vibe! But what about fear?

It is common for most people to have many doubts about the practice of skydiving. We see pictures, videos, everything looks so cool and safe…but what if it doesn't work?

Calm down, it will work! We have listed the main doubts of beginners in jumping and we will answer them here for you, on the TD blog! (rhymed)

What if the parachute doesn't open?

It may be that this is the main terror in the minds of those thinking about skydiving. If you fall from the top, the parachute won't open?! It's scary just imagining it! But relax! The equipment used today is safe, verified and full of security locks.
Furthermore, today's parachute technology is so safe that it has automatic opening devices for the reserve parachute (in case the main one does not open) or if you just forgot to open it because you were admiring the view. In this regard, the ideal is always to look for reliable companies with adequate equipment.

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What are the restrictions?

As skydiving is not the best activity in the world, there are some rules that must be followed before jumping.

First, you must be over 16 years old (this rule comes from the Brazilian Parachuting Confederation). In addition, the recommendation is that people weighing more than 99 kilos are guided by the instructor if it is possible to perform the jump or not.
It is also not allowed to jump with a parachute if you have practiced any diving activity in the last 24 hours before the jump. People with the flu and nasal congestion are also not advised to practice

How long does it take for the parachute to open?

I know, you're still worried about the parachute. Okay, okay. But look, the sensation described by those who have already jumped is incomparable.

We can say that the fall itself is quite fast, it will take around 45 seconds.

Even faster, the parachute opens in 4 seconds and slows down the fall by 20km/h. After the parachute opens, just enjoy the landscape and a very light descent.


What not to do before skydiving?

As we commented, jumping is not a "lightweight" activity, so some other restrictions are made, such as:

  • Do not drink alcoholic beverages in the 24 hours prior to the jump
  • Adverse physical conditions must be reported to the instructor BEFORE the jump, such as heart failure, vertigo (labyrinthitis), fractures, orthopedic problems, fainting and seizures.
  • IF you feel sick and pass out during the fall, don't worry! The automatic parachute we talked about earlier WILL open even if you can't deploy it. The only thing you'll miss is the view ?


Can I jump alone (a)?

You can, as long as you've done the Accelerated Free Fall (AFF), the most modern and safe skydiving instruction course, developed in the United States. Back on the course, you won't be jumping completely alone from day one, you'll have instructors jumping right along with you.
The course lasts 10 hours (theory) and teaches skydiving techniques. Then you do eight jumps corresponding to eight levels, preceded by a 30-minute briefing and post-jump assessment. In total, you do a 4-minute jump with the parachute open and graduate to the practice of sport parachuting. Oh yes, can you jump alone?

Choose a certified location to perform your jump

In Brazil there are 36 jump areas certified by the Brazilian Parachuting Confederation (CBPq). See all here.

What clothes should I wear?

Preferably with gym clothes, which tend to be more comfortable and ensure your flexibility when jumping. It is also very important to have suitable and comfortable shoes.

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Can I eat before jumping?

The recommendation is not to jump on an empty stomach or too full. Generally, due to jump nervousness, some people may experience nausea and vomiting. It's also common for fasting people to pass out, so don't do that.

Unload your adrenaline

When you get on the plane with the people who are going to jump with you, take the opportunity to unload all your nervousness and adrenaline before the jump: laugh (it can be really despair, it helps to relieve stress), shout loudly, interact with people who are with you. That's the best way to be in a good head when it's time to jump out of the plane.


Of course, the feeling of those who jump will be very different than reading this description, but just to give you an idea, here is some information that is important for those who want to jump with a parachute:

  • The altitude of the falls is about 12,000 feet, equivalent to approximately 4,000 meters in height.
  • Free fall lasts from 30 to 45 seconds
  • The free fall speed is 220 km/h
  • The weight capacity of the parachute is up to 300 kg
  • The parachute takes 4 seconds to open
  • To jump, the minimum age is 16 years old

And there? Did you give courage or more fear? Have you had this experience? Tell us how it was and help encourage the fearful ones out there!!

Much of this content was taken from the website =D

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