Pliage Plus Folding Bike

Style, functionality and mobility in one product. Two Dogs's folding darling with a Plus in comfort, colors and accessories. Choose the one that suits you.


Easy to store and transport! Pliage fits anywhere, from the trunk to the office.


Now the new Pliage model comes with several items included.


With new tires and a comfort seat, ensuring comfort for you!


With a look that dialogues between the modern and the retro, you will be enchanted by the diversity of colors available!

Bicicleta dobrável Pliage Plus Two Dogs cor amarela
bicicleta dobravel plaige Plus Two Dogs amarela dobrada

Compact and Practical

Because it is a folding bicycle, Pliage fits anywhere, like in the trunk of the car or in the corner of the office, take it with you wherever you go! Although compact, the saddle and handlebars are adaptable, you can adjust as you prefer!

There are several colors to choose from!

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At plus you have the most: rear luggage compartment, wider tires, more comfortable saddle, aluminum fender, more resistant locks and lateral displacement.

Leisure, sport and mobility with versatility, all on a single bike. Finding space in big cities is getting more difficult every day, especially when it comes to parking. Folding bicycles came to solve this problem. With a unique design and a lot of practicality, Pliage is everything you needed! It has a foldable carbon steel frame with latches. It takes you less than 1 minute to fold and unfold the bike. Produced with resistant materials, the Pliage weighs only 14kg, and its compact format allows it to be carried easily anywhere, in the trunk, in the elevator, on stairs, in addition to being very easy to store anywhere.

It has straight handlebars and handles with hand rest. The rims are made of double aluminum foil, giving the model a lot of resistance and lightness. Disc brakes at the front and rear give a lot of safety and precision when braking. With height adjustment on the seat and handlebars, it can be easily adjusted to the driver's height, thus allowing it to be used by the whole family.
Equipped with a 7-speed Shimano Rapid-Fire gearbox that allows quick and smooth shifting for beginners and bike experts. With the Pliage folding bike, your daily life becomes much more practical and fun.
  • Frame: With carbon steel bending technology
  • Bending system: With safety locks
  • Free wheel: 7 speeds / thread - 14/28 teeth - Shimano
  • Hoops: Aluminum 20 x 1.5 double wall
  • Handlebar: Straight aluminum alloy 6061-T6
  • Headset: Oversized 11 / 8pols
  • Gauntlets: With hand rest
  • Seat: Super Oversize in 6061 aluminum, black
  • Saddle: Foam and synthetic leather comfort
  • Front hub: Carbon steel 28f, black
  • Rear hub: 28f steel, black
  • Tires: 20 ″ x 1.50 ″
  • Brakes: Disc on two wheels
  • Shift lever: Shimano, TX 50 with 7 speeds
  • Rear derailleur: Shimano TZ 50
  • Crank: Aluminum with double chain protection
  • Chain: TEC 116 links - 7 speeds
  • Crown: 52 teeth
  • Pedals: Foldable
  • Central movement: 5 pieces with shaft
  • Factory Warranty: 3 months for vices and manufacturing defects
  • Extended warranty: 9 Months with registration on the site
  • Rear luggage compartment
  • Wider tires, more comfortable saddle
  • New fender
  • Stronger locks
  • Side stand.
  • Peso:  14 kg.
  • Carga máxima:  Até 90 Kg.
  • Tamanho aberta:  155 x 116 x 53cm
  • Tamanho fechada:  88 x 66 x 45cm
  • Distancia máxima do centro do eixo da roda até o guidão:  87cm
  • Distancia máxima do centro do movimento central até o selim:  70cm
  • Medida livre entre a barra de direção até o canote do selim:  54cm

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