Pliage Alloy Folding Bike

Style, functionality, mobility and oxidation resistance. With frame produced in 6061-T6 aluminum, its folding with more freedom in any terrain, you are more secure in any adventure.

cores bicicleta dobrável alloy Two Dogs

Foldable: It is 88x64cm

stylish: two colors with unique design

safe: 1 year warranty

Resistente: Suporta até 90 kg.

Reinforced Foldable System

alloy rim

Shimano Marching System

Aluminum Structure

Compact and Practical

Being a foldable bike, the Pliage Alloy bike fits anywhere, like in the trunk of your car or in the corner of your office, take it wherever you go! Although compact, the saddle and handlebars are adjustable, you can adjust it as you like!

Locomotion, sport and leisure: Pliage is synonymous with quality of life!

The Pliage Alloy folding bike is versatile, as we understand that finding space in big cities is getting harder every day, especially when it comes to parking.

For this and other reasons, this bike is the best solution! With a unique design and a lot of practicality, it takes less than a minute to fold and unfold.

Its frame is produced with 6061-T6 aluminum, the same material used in aircraft. Lightweight, resistant to oxidation and excellent for those who want to use it in coastal areas. Its compact and collapsible format allows it to be easily transported anywhere: in the trunk of the car, in the elevator, on stairs and even on the bus, in addition to having very simple storage.

With the Pliage Alloy Folding Bike, your daily life becomes much more practical and fun!

Attention: the costs of assembling and overhauling the bicycles are the sole responsibility of the customer. It is essential that the assembly be carried out in a specialized mechanic workshop or by a qualified professional.

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